Opiseu   2015   South Korea Office
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Director:Won-Chan Hong
IMDb Rating:6.1 (178 votes)
Awards:2 nominations
Duration:110 min
Won-Chan Hong  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Sung-Woo Bae  ...  Section Chief Kim Byeong-Gook
Eui-sung Kim  ...  Director Kim Sang-Gyu
Ah-sung Ko  ...  Lee Mi-Rye
Sung Woong Park  ...  Detective Jong-Hoon
Seong-woo Bae  ...  Section Chief Kim Byeong-Gook (as Sung-Woo Bae)
Seong-Woong Park  ...  Detective Jong-Hoon (as Sung Woong Park)
Comments: I had high hopes for this one: a group of office workers unravel after learning that one of their colleagues took a hammer to his family. Yep. This film starts off with a guy bashing his wife, his mother, and his son to death with a hammer--South Korean style in concept, but it's tamer than usual. We don't actually see it, but we know it happens.

Most of the scary tension points are the result of a dream or a hallucination. Or worse, something unexplained that's similar. It's a very common trick in horror movies. Think An American Werewolf in London (1981). The problem here is that after each one happens, you realize it hasn't developed the narrative and so it feels cheap.

Summary: An exemplary officer worker and head of his family KIM Byung-Guk murdered his entire family without any provocation and disappeared into thin air. Homicide detective Jong-Hoon immediately begins his investigation at KIM's office but all of KIM's colleagues seem to be hiding something. He realizes that KIM and an intern named Mirae were close and suspects something out of ordinary. During his investigation, Jong-Hoon obtains a CCTV footage of KIM entering the office parking lot immediately following the murder of his family but he was never seen exiting. Meanwhile, KIM's colleagues are all on the edge, fearing that KIM may come after them for various reasons...

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