Mei Gaau Siu Nui   2015   South Korea Memories of the Sword
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Director:Heung-Sik Park
Writer:Ah-reum Choi, Heung-Sik Park
IMDb Rating:6.2 (88 votes)
Genre:Action, Drama, History
Duration:121 min
Heung-Sik Park  ...  (Director)
Ah-reum Choi, Heung-Sik Park  ...  (Writer)
Byung-hun Lee  ...  Deok-gi
Do-yeon Jeon  ...  Seol-rang
Go-eun Kim  ...  Seol-hee
Kyeong-yeong Lee  ...  Teacher
Jun-Ho Lee  ...  Yool
Tae-woo Kim  ...  Jon-bok
Soo-bin Bae  ...  Poong-chun
Soo-an Kim  ...  Goo-Seul
Mowg  ...  Composer
Byung-seo Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Myoung-jun Oh  ...  Editor
Comments: I watched this because it has Coin Locker Girl Go-eun Kim in it. And Do-yeon Jeon. I'm just going to look the other way as far as Go-eun goes because the film is so bad, so silly, that no one could be good in it. Oh wait, it's about at haircut and chin expert Byung-hun Lee's paygrade ... and he's kind of good in it. Not really, but his face has finally grown some character lines so all the close-ups of him crying looked interesting. There's lots of them. There's a TON of crying in this movie. There's one long, really long shot of Do-yeon Jeon with half her eyeball full of water! She seemed way out place in a lot of this movie. So did Go-eun, for that matter. She's kind of chipper and didn't jibe well with the overall weighty melodrama surrounding her. thanks.

Summary: While the Goryo Dynasty in the medieval Korea, three warriors named Deok-ki, Poong-chun and Seol-rang have led a riot against the king and his foreign allies from Kitan, China. But Deok-ki betrays them, which results in the death of Poong-chun. But Seol-rang is able to escape with Seol-hee, Poong-chun's little daughter, and her sword. 18 years later, Seol-rang got blind but she raised and taught Seol-hee very well. Both feel that the time for revenge is right, but Deok-ki is now one of the most powerful men in the country. All of them know, that spilling blood is the only way of redemption.

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