2006   South Korea Cinderella
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Director:Man-dae Bong
Studio:Mini Film Productions
Writer:Kwang-soo Son
IMDb Rating:5.4 (500 votes)
Duration:94 min
Man-dae Bong  ...  (Director)
Kwang-soo Son  ...  (Writer)
Ah-yung Ahn  ...  
Gyu-ryun Ahn  ...  
So-min Jeon  ...  
Se-Kyeong Shin  ...  
Ji-Won To  ...  
Da-in Yu  ...  
Da-in Yoo  ...  
Jin-yung Hyun  ...  Composer
In-dae Mun  ...  Editor
Summary: Kim Ki Duk (Time) was a painter in the streets of France, Park Chan Wook (Oldboy), a part-time critic, and Lee Joon Ik (King and The Clown), a marketing director for an advertising firm. But what did director Bong Man Dae do before entering the film world? Porn. Softcore porn, to be precise. Bongs adult videos were a little different from the rest, so much so that he gained a cult following who treated him like an auteur amongst third-rate amateurs. And that was the spark which ignited his 2003 film debut, the erotic drama Sweet Sex and Love. Bong has since found time to cameo in the comedy Love So Divine, produce a series of creative erotic dramas for OCN entitled Same Bed, Different Dreams, and finally complete his second feature, the horror Cinderella.
Mommys little girl Hyeon Su (Shin Se Kyung, Moon Geun Youngs friend in My Sweet Bride) is a normal 17-year-old student, beautiful enough to disregard her friends latest obsession: plastic surgery. Or maybe the lack of interest is due to the fact that her ever so gentle mother Yoon Hee (Do Ji Won of Ladies of the Palace and The Land) is a plastic surgeon. When one of her friends decides to go under the knife for a little revision, Yoon Hee gives her more than a pretty new face. The result is blood all over the place. Seeing so many of her friends die, Hyeon Su finds comfort in her friend Sung Eun, but then she discovers a little secret mommy wouldnt want her to know&

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