Geomeun Sajedeul   2015   South Korea The Priests
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Director:Jae-hyun Jang
Writer:Jae-hyun Jang
IMDb Rating:6.2 (90 votes)
Genre:Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Duration:103 min
Jae-hyun Jang  ...  (Director)
Jae-hyun Jang  ...  (Writer)
Dong-won Kang  ...  Deacon Choi
Yun-seok Kim  ...  Father Kim
So-dam Park  ...  Young-shin
Comments: The main exorcist dude is either going to be pure goodness and die or be of a questionable past used to distract viewers and not die. The K-boys went with option #2. The assistant exorcist dude will have a mistake in his past that the devil will use to tempt him. No new ground here. So the story doesn't matter. Two fine actors hold duty. Kim Yun-Seok and Gang Dong-Won, respectively, the latter looking younger than he did a decade ago when he starred in the best film ever made, M (2007). He must be moisturizing well.

The atmosphere is good, the acting is good, and but most of all, the demon is good, real good, imo. Too bad there are only a couple short scenes with her.

Another cool thing about this version of a film a bunch of us may have already seen a dozen times, is that when the priests go to do their thing they have to wait on the stairs while the shamans are doing their thing. The shamans finish and chat with the priests like collegues from any profession would. I may have to investigate Korean Shaman rituals a little because this one is also pretty cool like the one in The Wailing. Kick ass music and possession. There is also an only-from-the-Koreans moment of hilarity.

I can't recommend the film because the demon show isn't long enough and the ending isn't anything to write home to mom about. At least I didn't punt.

Summary: A high school student, Young-Sin (Park So-Dam), gets hit by a car at night. Soon, she suffers from mysterious ailments.

Priest Kim (Kim Yun-Seok) knows the Young-Sin and visits her in the hospital. He is sure she is possessed by demonic spirits. He prepares for an exorcism with the help of the Korean Catholic Church. Priest Kim requires a deacon to help him, but all the deacons flee after taking part in the exorcism. Seminary student Choi (Gang Dong-Won) is chosen as the 11th deacon to assist Priest Kim. They have only one day left to save Young-Sin with their lives all at stake.

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