4 Inyong shiktak   2003   South Korea The Uninvited
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Director:Soo-youn Lee
Studio:Panik House
Writer:Soo-youn Lee
IMDb Rating:5.8 (895 votes)
Awards:4 wins & 1 nomination
Genre:Drama, Thriller, Horror
Duration:127 min
Soo-youn Lee  ...  (Director)
Soo-youn Lee  ...  (Writer)
Shin-yang Park  ...  Jeong-won
Gianna Jun  ...  Yeon (as Ji-hyun Jun)
Seon Yu  ...  Hee-eun
Ok Jeong  ...  
Ju-shil Lee  ...  
Yeo-jin Kim  ...  
Ki-hwa Kang  ...  
Won-sang Park  ...  
Ok Jeong (II)  ...  
Yeong-gyu Jo  ...  Cinematographer
Min-ho Kyeong  ...  Editor
Comments: Meandering and uneventful, although Ji-hyun Jun isn't bad.

Much better and more complex the second time around. This is a slow burner with all kinds of typical Korean psycho-ambiguity. Two great kills in this film. Squirmy good. But it's not a horror movie. Nice commentary on religion. An anecdote I enjoyed: After a period of drought a religious group prays for rain but no one brings an umbrella.

Gianna is good except for one scene. Good look to the film overall. If you do slow burners give this neglected gem a shot. We're discussing it here

Summary: Jeong-won is a man with no memory of his childhood and his real family. At the beginning of the film he witnesses the deaths of two young girls. He begins seeing the girls dead bodies sitting at his kitchen table. He meets Yeon, a narcoleptic who is a witness in a infant murder case. She can also see the "ghosts" and he soon finds out she is psychic and can also help him recover his lost memories. After realizing his horrific past Jeong-won cannot escape the miserable circumstances of his life, with the film closing they shot his face twisted and utterly lonely.

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