2015   South Korea Inside Men
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Director:Min-ho Woo
Writer:Min-ho Woo, Tae-Ho Yoon
IMDb Rating:7.1 (202 votes)
Duration:130 min
Min-ho Woo  ...  (Director)
Min-ho Woo, Tae-Ho Yoon  ...  (Writer)
Byung-hun Lee  ...  An Sang-gu
Seung-woo Cho  ...  Woo Jang-hoon
Yun-shik Baek  ...  Lee Gang-hee
Kyeong-yeong Lee  ...  Jang Pil-woo
Seong-woo Bae  ...  Park Jong-pal
Jae-yoon Jo  ...  Bang
Dae-Myung Kim  ...  Go
Hong-Fa Kim  ...  Oh
Young-Wook Jo  ...  Composer
Nak-seon Go  ...  Cinematographer
Sang-beom Kim  ...  Editor
Comments: Rich and powerful men gonna deal with rich and powerful man problems. Yawn. There's a scene near the beginning where a rich and powerful man demos his rich and powerfulness by flossing his teeth with his mouth wide open during a power lunch. Then he shows, in a camera closeup, the floss with a piece of food on it. Don't wanna mess with him! Who writes stuff like that? The film is so left brain complex that when I finished it I felt: "okay, I followed that" but not much more. Clap clap Korea, you proved you could do it. Here's a cookie.

I did like Byung-hun Lee's opening scene. A lot. Up until now he's been not much more than a haircut model, but there's finally some life experience growing amongst the growing lines in his face. Kudos, aging. He may not actually be a haircut model but he sports several distinct hairstyles in the film. And he does bring a sense of humor to his gangstering.

Summary: Lee Kang-hee is an editorialist of a influential newspaper in South Korea. With the power of the press, he makes the congressman Jang Pil-woo to one of the candidates of the next presidential election. That is the result of a secret deal between Lee and Ahn Sang-goo, a political henchman of Jang Pil-woo. But Ahn makes an almost fatal error, when he gets caught pocketing the record on the Jang's slush fund. The prosecutor Woo Jang-hoon is about to investigate and becomes absolutely determined, because the case would help him making big steps in his career. Ahn gets in real trouble, when he gets dropped by Jang and should have been killed, but is able to flee. Now a bitter war starts between one who is lusting for power, the one who wants vengeance and the one who is eager for success.

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