Cheoleobtneun anaewa paramanjanhan nampyeon geurigo taekwon sonyeo   2002   South Korea A Bizarre Love Triangle
A Bizarre Love Triangle Image Cover
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Director:Mu-yeong Lee
Studio:Egg Films
Writer:Mu-yeong Lee, Chan-wook Park
IMDb Rating:5.3 (118 votes)
Duration:93 min
Mu-yeong Lee  ...  (Director)
Mu-yeong Lee, Chan-wook Park  ...  (Writer)
Hyo-jin Kong  ...  Keum-sook
Eun-ji Jo  ...  Eun-Hee
Kwang-il Choi  ...  Doo-Chan
Hyeon-jin Baek  ...  
Yeong-gyu Jang  ...  Composer
Su Bok Go  ...  Cinematographer
Jae-beom Kim  ...  Editor
Sang-beom Kim  ...  Editor
Comments: I stumbled across this opportunity to watch me some vintage Hyo-jin Kong. She is, of course, awesome as a lesbian martial arts instructor. But this film is less than B-grade humor, and for some reason, instead of just telling the story they have some people from outer space in the future tell it. Things get tied up at the end but the film isn't worth it for other Hyo-jin Kong devotees to seek out.

Summary: On a space station in the not-too-distant future, two guests arrive early for a wedding, and the older tells the younger a story about the groom's father, who had been a well-known entertainer, and his selfish wife. The story, which starts in Seoul in 2002, is a bizarre love triangle of a comedian who never smiles, a Taekwondo instructor, and a whining woman who wants to be a TV star but who'll do anything to avoid being poor. Before the story ends with the wedding, there are jail sentences, a fatherless baby who needs a bone marrow transplant, a blind and forgiving masseuse, an abused melon, and lovers caught in flagrante delicto.

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