Namgwa Yeo   2016   South Korea A Man and A Woman
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Director:Yoon-ki Lee
Writer:Yoon-ki Lee
IMDb Rating:8.2 (11 votes)
Genre:Drama, Romance
Duration:115 min
Yoon-ki Lee  ...  (Director)
Yoon-ki Lee  ...  (Writer)
Park Byung-Eun  ...  Ahn Jae-Suk
Yoo Gong  ...  Ki-Hong
Do-yeon Jeon  ...  Sang-Min
Mi-so Lee  ...  Moon-Joo
Min-ji Park  ...  Babysitter
Yoon Se-Ah  ...  Ki Hong's friend
Comments: I love Yoon-ki Lee but there is so much wrong with this flick it's unnerving. No chemistry between the leads, which is doubly damning when you consider they shouldn't be having an adulteress affair without chemistry when they both have young children with special needs. And you can't help feeling they are stupid when you watch how nonchalantly they carry on. The music is trite, canned crapola that literally wrecks the film while it tries to create drama. Terrible ending although Do-yeon Jeon cries well. Yoon-ki, Yoon-ki, Yoon-ki. You really let me down here.

Summary: On a cold, winter day, Sang-Min (Jeon Do-Yeon) asks Ki-Hong (Gong Yoo) for a light. The two strangers have dropped their kids off at a pickup area for a children's camp in Helsinki, Finland. A spark of mutual interest is ignited between the man and woman.

The man and woman decide to trail their children to the campground. On their way back, a snowstorm forces them to spend an evening at an inn. In the morning, they walk through the woods and to a secluded sauna. They leave the next day without knowing each other's name.

Several months later, Sang-Min fixes a display at her workplace and sees Ki-Hong walking by. The man and woman are both married, but share a bond that defies their condition.

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