Busanhaeng   2016   South Korea Train to Busan
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Director:Sang-ho Yeon
Writer:Sang-ho Yeon
IMDb Rating:7.7 (6 votes)
Awards:11 wins & 15 nominations
Genre:Action, Horror, Thriller
Duration:118 min
Sang-ho Yeon  ...  (Director)
Sang-ho Yeon  ...  (Writer)
Yoo Gong  ...  Seok Woo
Dong-seok Ma  ...  Sang Hwa
Yu-mi Jeong  ...  Sung Gyeong
Ahn So-hee  ...  Jin-hee
Kim Soo-ahn  ...  Soo-an
Jung Yu-mi  ...  Sung-gyong
Soo-an Kim  ...  Soo-an
Yu-mi Jung  ...  Sung Gyeong
Woo-sik Choi  ...  Young Gook
Sohee  ...  Jin-hee (as Ahn So-hee)
Eui-sung Kim  ...  Yong-Suk
Gwi-hwa Choi  ...  Homeless man
Jang Hyuk-Jin  ...  Ki-chul
Seok-yong Jeong  ...  Captain of KTX
Chang Hwan Kim  ...  Kim Jin-mo
Myung-sin Park  ...  Jong-gil
Eun-kyung Shim  ...  Runaway Girl
Soo-jung Ye  ...  In-gil
Hyung-deok Lee  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: There's the re-animating deer near the beginning; the first few overflowing zombie pile-ups; several great contortion moves; a fantastic fiery Locomotive crash; hilariously great zombie herd tailgate surfing. What am I missing? That's about three minutes of quality movie. A Movie Trailer. And like a movie trailer it's a terrible representation of the film overall--where the other 99% is a T-bomb. The pacing of the film is defecating: Zombies run into a door that's being closed; everyone takes a dump. Lather rinse repeat. The pacing is bad because the writing and acting are awful. "But you're not supposed to have writing and acting in a zombie movie!" That's right. So why shove it in our faces? Jung Yu-Mi gets a pass, and I liked the little girl. Ma Dong-Seok didn't embarrass himself too much because he's strong enough to overcome what he was given. Every line of dialog in the film is bad. Gong Yoo is a twerpy faux-stud who can't act his way out of a genre film, Korean or otherwise. I hope to never watch another film with his over-moisturized face.

I had high hopes for this. The three minutes of quality film are fantastic. End of story. Well, actually I like the Korean thing of killing everyone, although I'm not saying if the kid dies or not (like the one in The Host did). Korea might be inching toward doing Hollywood better than Hollywood, but it's still crap. I, and I can't believe I'm saying this, enjoyed The Happening (2008) more than this. Heck, I enjoyed a Woody Harrelson movie more than this.

Summary: Sok-woo and his daughter Soo-ahn are boarding the KTX, a fast train that shall bring them from Seoul to Busan. But right at the moment of their departure, the train station is overrun by zombies which kill the train driver and several others. While the KTX is shooting driver-less to Busan, the passengers have to fight for their naked lives against the zombies.

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