Teo-neol   2016   South Korea Tunnel
Tunnel Image Cover
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Director:Seong-hun Kim
Studio:Another Sunday
Writer:Seong-hun Kim
IMDb Rating:6.8 (551 votes)
Genre:Drama, Thriller
Duration:126 min
Seong-hun Kim  ...  (Director)
Seong-hun Kim  ...  (Writer)
Doona Bae  ...  Se-hyun
Jung-woo Ha  ...  Jung-soo
Dal-su Oh  ...  Dae-kyoung
Tae-Sung Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Kim Chang-ju  ...  Editor
Comments: A puppy dog? Seriously. 😒 The problem here is that Doona Bae and Jung-woo Ha are mighty fine actors who do their best to shield us from the well-crafted T-bomb surrounding them. The film does hit with most of its sociopolitical zingers but the ones that miss, miss big and cheapen it. As a disaster movie it drags along, and the ever growing bag of disbelief it asks us to carry slows it down even more. It doesn't matter that this film was made in S Korea. It's pure hollywood crap. I'm growing more worried about this

Summary: 35 DAYS, A MAN'S DESPERATE STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE Jung-su, an ordinary car dealer, is his way home with a birthday cake for his daughter. As he drives into a tunnel, an unbelievable thing happens; the tunnel collapses on him. Minutes later, he realizes that he is completely caught in between the debris. Outside, this breaking news creates media frenzy and a thoughtless reporter even airs a live phone interview with Jung-su, using up his mobile phone batteries. An emergency response team is immediately organized to rescue him and tries to keep the media under control. As it becomes a national concern, the government promises full support for the rescue. While Jung-su struggles to survive, a series of ridiculous blunders delays the rescue operation and threatens his chances to make it out alive. Soon, he runs out of food, water, and phone batteries, making him totally incommunicado. Days pass without any success and people start to lose hope or interest in rescuing him. Having already ...

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