2017   South Korea, USA Okja
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Director:Joon-ho Bong
Studio:Kate Street Picture Company
Writer:Joon-ho Bong, Jon Ronson
IMDb Rating:7.7 (3,206 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Genre:Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Duration:118 min
Joon-ho Bong  ...  (Director)
Joon-ho Bong, Jon Ronson  ...  (Writer)
Tilda Swinton  ...  Lucy and Nancy Mirando
Sheena Kamal  ...  Stylist 2007 / 2017
Michael Mitton  ...  Make-up Artist 2007
Colm Hill  ...  Sarcastic British Reporter
Kathryn Kirkpatrick  ...  Epicurean Reporter
Jose Carias  ...  Señor Villacorta
Giancarlo Esposito  ...  Frank Dawson
Jake Gyllenhaal  ...  Johnny Wilcox
Nancy Amelia Bell  ...  Elderly Reporter (as Nancy Bell)
Seo-Hyun Ahn  ...  Mija (as An Seo Hyun)
Jungeun Lee  ...  Okja's Voice / Woman in Wheelchair
Hee-Bong Byun  ...  Hee Bong (as Byun Heebong)
Jaein Kim  ...  Young Mija
Je-mun Yun  ...  Mundo Park (as Yoon Je Moon)
Shirley Henderson  ...  Jennifer
Darius Khondji  ...  Cinematographer
Meeyeon Han  ...  Editor
Yang Jinmo  ...  Editor
Jin-mo Yang  ...  Editor
Comments: This started off as a great comedy, witty and thoughtful, but by the end I was tired of so much of what I had initially enjoyed. <b>Bong</b>'s attention to detail is still pretty great. I'd like to single out the scene where the young girl is doing a selfie while running through the mall (or whatever) as one of the best scenes I've seen in a Korean movie in a long time. What has happened to Korean cinema?

Summary: For 10 idyllic years, young Mija (An Seo Hyun) has been caretaker and constant companion to Okja-a massive animal and an even bigger friend-at her home in the mountains of South Korea. But that changes when a family-owned multinational conglomerate Mirando Corporation takes Okja for themselves and transports her to New York, where image obsessed and self-promoting CEO Lucy Mirando (Tilda Swinton) has big plans for Mija's dearest friend. With no particular plan but single-minded in intent, Mija sets out on a rescue mission, but her already daunting journey quickly becomes more complicated when she crosses paths with disparate groups of capitalists, demonstrators and consumers, each battling to control the fate of Okja...while all Mija wants to do is bring her friend home. Deftly blending genres, humor, poignancy and drama, Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer, The Host) begins with the gentlest of premises-the bond between man and animal-and ultimately creates a distinct and layered vision of the...

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