Joh-eun-nal   2018   South Korea Ode to the Goose
Ode to the Goose Image Cover
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Director:Lu Zhang
Writer:Lu Zhang
IMDb Rating:7.1 (57 votes)
Awards:1 win & 6 nominations
Genre:Drama, History, Mystery, Romance
Duration:122 min
Languages:Mandarin, Japanese, Korean
Lu Zhang  ...  (Director)
Lu Zhang  ...  (Writer)
Hae-il Park  ...  
So-Ri Moon  ...  
Jin-young Jung  ...  (as Jin-yeong Jeong)
So-dam Park  ...  Joo-eun
Jeong-an Chae  ...  Cafe Girl
Ye-ri Han  ...  Pharmacy Girl
Park Hae-il  ...  Yoon-young
Moon So-ri  ...  Song-hyun
Yeri Han  ...  Pharmacy Girl
Comments: This is Zhang Lu's masterpiece, so far. It's not my favorite, nor do I think it's his best or most appealing. But all his eggs are in this basket. There's a title card drop over an hour in and we all know what that means

It has a topsy-turvy complex structure that isn't obvious until it's confirmed. It's almost unnecessary except it would have been a different film without it. It changes the film and you'll start thinking about a re-watch before it's over

Moon So-ri is a treasure. She floats effortlessly above the film, and in every nook and cranny. She makes a rather unlikable character adorable. You can love this film for her performance alone

For some unknown reason I'm not a Park Hae-il fan. He just doesn't resonate with me. He has some wonderful moments in the film but overall is a little buffoon-y, empty. If you don't share my unwarranted bias against him, don't worry about it. He does his job well. (I believe this is one reason Gyeongju didn't work for me as well as it should have)

There are a handful of other Zhang regulars here who are all good in their moments. I like when a director works with a stable of actors. Good things emerge when people get one another

Anyone who's familiar with my blurbs here knows I hate drunk acting and directors who feel they need to present actors as drunk in order for them to seem more convincingly open and revealing. It's bullshit. So it is with deep sadness I must report that a few of the drinking/drunk scenes are highlights

The film is edited with great comic timing and in such a way that the zingers zing just a little bit more. Zhang is proving himself a master film maker. There are scenes where the film seems to drift from shore but they always feel like they will be tethered together. Bring on the topsy-turvy and you're good to go

Summary: Yoon-yeong has been harboring feelings for Song-hyeon, a friend's wife. When he finds out that she is divorced, Yoon-yeong and Song-hyeon take a trip to Gunsan on a whim. They find lodging at an inn where the middle-aged owner lives with his autistic daughter who does not leave her room. The four become star-crossed lovers in the city of Gunsan.

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