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Director:Chang-dong Lee
Studio:Pine House Film
Writer:Haruki Murakami, Chang-dong Lee, Jungmi Oh
IMDb Rating:7.8 (1,592 votes)
Genre:Drama, Mystery
Duration:148 min
Chang-dong Lee  ...  (Director)
Haruki Murakami, Chang-dong Lee, Jungmi Oh  ...  (Writer)
Ah-in Yoo  ...  Jong-soo
Steven Yeun  ...  Ben
Jong-seo Jeon  ...  Hae-mi
Joong-ok Lee  ...  Patrolman
Ja-Yeon Ok  ...  Ja-yeon
Mowg  ...  Composer
Kyung-pyo Hong  ...  Cinematographer
Da-won Kim  ...  Editor
Hyun Kim  ...  Editor
Soo-Kyung Kim  ...  Yeon-ju
Seung-ho Choi  ...  Lee Yong-seok
Sung-Keun Moon  ...  Lawyer
Bok-gi Min  ...  Judge
Soo-Jeong Lee  ...  Prosecutor
Hye-ra Ban  ...  Jong-su's Mom
Mi-Kyung Cha  ...  Hae-mi's Mom
Bong-ryeon Lee  ...  Hae-mi's Sister
Wonhyeong Jang  ...  Won-hyeong
Seok-Chan Jeon  ...  Seok-chan
Comments: Masturbating in the room of a pixie girl who seduced you and then skipped town is normal. To present it otherwise would be a narrative mistake. But don't leave a mess.

Ben is kind, thoughtful, generous--but rich, so he can be the vortex of metaphorical hate, just like pixie girl as a metaphorical greenhouse, a metaphorical spring of life. Ben's yawns were inauthentic, though.

If I were Ben I might not have noticed a big ugly truck following me in traffic (because I'm rich I don't notice these ugly plebe things) ... but down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere? I need a highfalutin' excuse metaphor for that.

The watch in the box was a cheap shot. The 'stray' cat? Ambiguity is cool but malicious misdirection is a club.

One small nit pick: the wack sound design of our anti-protagonist's labored breathing caused me to throw popcorn at the screen (metaphorically speaking).

I found the film uninteresting and unengaging but it's a film school student's wet dream. So masterfully crafted, Lee even includes a wet dream. How meta!

Summary: Jong-soo, a part-time worker, bumps into Hae-mi while delivering, who used to live in the same neighborhood. Hae-mi asks him to look after her cat while she's on a trip to Africa. When Hae-mi comes back, she introduces Ben, a mysterious guy she met in Africa, to Jong-soo. One day, Ben visits Jong-soo's with Hae-mi and confesses his own secret hobby.

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