1987   2017   South Korea 1987: When the Day Comes
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Director:Joon-Hwan Jang
Studio:Woojeung Film
Writer:Kyung-chan Kim
IMDb Rating:8.0 (873 votes)
Duration:129 min
Joon-Hwan Jang  ...  (Director)
Kyung-chan Kim  ...  (Writer)
Yoon-Seok Kim  ...  Park Cheo-Won
Jung-woo Ha  ...  Prosecutor Choi Hwan
Hae-jin Yoo  ...  Han Byung-Yong
Tae-ri Kim  ...  Yeon-Hee
Hee-soon Park  ...  Detective Jo Han-Kyung
Hee-jun Lee  ...  Reporter Yoon Sang-Sam
Eui-sung Kim  ...  Lee Boo-Young
Jong-soo Kim  ...  Park Jung-Ki
Dal-su Oh  ...  Journalist
Chang-Seok Ko  ...  Journalist
Moon Sung-Keun  ...  Jang Se-Dong
Hyeon Woo  ...  Kang Min-Chang
Woo-jin Jo  ...  Park Jong-Chul's uncle
Ji-hwan Park  ...  Detective
Seung-mok Yoo  ...  Yoo Jung-Bang
Tae-seong Kim  ...  Composer
Woo-hyung Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Jin-mo Yang  ...  Editor
Comments: Very well done film except for the 'gun on the table' of Ha Jung-woo drinking whiskey for breakfast. What was the point? Why is Ha Jung-woo credited with a starring role and Gang Dong-Won with a cameo?

Other than that, I cried at the end for the romance. And the melodrama. And the song. And the montage of events that took place a mere 30 years ago. And good triumphing over bad. And etc.

South Korea is excellent with "Based on Real Events' films. It works as a check on their tendency to committee generate scripts so clever they're annoying.

Like drinking whiskey for breakfast, just because.

Summary: In 1987 Korea, under an oppressive military regime, a college student gets killed during a police interrogation involving torture. Government officials are quick to cover up the death and order the body to be cremated. A prosecutor who is supposed to sign the cremation release, raises questions about a 21-year-old kid dying of a heart attack, and begins looking into the case for the truth. Despite a systematic attempt to silence everyone involved in the case, the truth gets out, causing an eruption of public outrage.

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