Do-eo-lak   2018   South Korea Door Lock
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Director:Kwon Lee
Studio:Fiona Films
Writer:Park Jung-Hee, Kwon Lee, Alberto Marini
IMDb Rating:6.1 (8 votes)
Duration:102 min
Kwon Lee  ...  (Director)
Park Jung-Hee, Kwon Lee, Alberto Marini  ...  (Writer)
Hyo-Jin Kong  ...  
Ye-Won Kim  ...  
Seong-oh Kim  ...  
Comments: Hyo-Jin Kong just totally works for me as an actress, especially when she's tasked with the outrageous things she's asked to do in this film. I imagine if anyone but her were the lead in the film it would be a zero.

The plot points in this thing are ridiculous. Hiding under the bed and crawling around some guy's apartment while he saws off a woman's arm, and etc. She's completely engaging and a joy to watch. It doesn't make sense, bless her heart.

Typically, the production values of this Korean flick are great. So roll your eyes and suspend your disbelief and enjoy it scene by scene.

One of the script values that annoyed me the most is the red herring murderer trope: a complete creepy asshole who stalks and assaults our protagonist in public, betrays motive, and possesses appropriate murder weapons (he's a carpenter). Haha! Made you look! This is becoming a common script error in Korean films.

In the end it's all about Hyo-jin. If you have no connection or interest in her the dumbness of the plot will turn you off. If you recognize her as one of the most talented and fashionably beautiful Plain Janes on the planet, it rocks!

Summary: A thriller that begins with a murder incident with a trace of a stranger entering the house of Kyung Min who lives alone in the one room.

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