Bbaengban   2019   South Korea Hit-and-Run Squad
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Director:Jun-hee Han
Writer:Jun-hee Han, Kyung-chan Kim
IMDb Rating:5.3 (63 votes)
Genre:Action, Thriller
Duration:133 min
Jun-hee Han  ...  (Director)
Jun-hee Han, Kyung-chan Kim  ...  (Writer)
Jung-suk Jo  ...  Jung Jae-Chul
Hyo-Jin Kong  ...  (as Hyo-jin Kong)
Jung-ah Yum  ...  Yoo Ji-Hyun
Jun-yeol Ryu  ...  Seo Min-Jae
Derek Chouinard  ...  Party goer
Key  ...  Han Dong-Soo
Hye-jin Jeon  ...  Woo Sun-Yeong
Hae-Woon Lee  ...  
Hak-joo Lee  ...  Ga Reu-Ma
Ye-Young Park  ...  Yeo Jung
Sukku Son  ...  Ki Tae-Ho (as Seok-Koo Son)
Young-gyu Jang  ...  Composer
Tae-kyung Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Min-Seon Park  ...  Editor
Comments: There's something wonderful and satisfying watching Gong Hyo-jin be perfect onscreen in a stupid movie.

The bad guy in this car chase/corrupt cops and politicians/daddy issues/action 'thriller' is pretty great. He's a youngish twerp with a stutter. Every time he hit someone with impunity I had to remind myself: "Wait, this guy is the Kingpin"? Very effective.

The youngish good guy rogue good guy cop who used to be a bad guy rogue bad guy (yawn) is also pretty great except for his hairdo and bad eating-acting as crutch to demonstrate he's exceptional.

Actually, everybody is pretty good, except the daddy issue daddy who had to be a drunk to demonstrate how great he used to be in life.

But it's a script-by-committee car chase movie (more or less), and watching car chases is about as entertaining as watching a gun fight. There's not a ton of them, though.

It's remarkable that Koreans are not bothered at all writing bad Hollywood scripts any more as long as they get a few "haha made you look" 's in there. There's expository dialog that no one would actually ever say; "I don't know if I ever told my dad I loved him" weepy dialog; "you want to kill him but you can't. It's not who you are" dialog. Guys smacking women over the head, and cops taking a bullet for their partner (neither dies). It's really a yike-fest getting through this, but Gong Hyo-jin, you beautiful creature you. "What, you can't smell"? Wait for it!

Interesting thing ... and I'm only 90s % sure ... is that Coin Locker Girl Kim Go-eun shows up post beginning end credit roll looking so bad-ass, tattooed and beautiful, in what appears to be a tease of eventual sequel, I was able to hold back my upchuck at the idea and consider looking forward to it .

If you don't mind cookie-cutter script (it comes with the territory, I guess), bad eating-acting or car chases, this is highly recommended because it's Korean. You know the checklist.

Summary: Eun Si Yeon is a police officer and she was demoted to the hit-and-run task force at a police station from the regional investigation unit at the National Police Agency and will work alongside Seo Min Jae, who is the ace officer of the hit-and-run task force. The two will be working to chase down Jung Jae Chul, who is a former Formula One racer now committing crimes with his madness for speed and cars.

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