Joi manheun sonyeo   2017   South Korea After My Death
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Director:Ui-Seok Kim
Writer:Ui-Seok Kim
IMDb Rating:6.8 (56 votes)
Awards:2 wins & 3 nominations
Duration:131 min
Ui-Seok Kim  ...  (Director)
Ui-Seok Kim  ...  (Writer)
Yeo-bin Jeon  ...  Yeong-hee
Young-hwa Seo  ...  Kyeong-min's mom
Won-Hee Go  ...  Han-sol
Taekyung Lee  ...  Yoo-ryi
Bom Lee  ...  Da-som
Seon Gil Baek  ...  Dean of students
Gyo-sik Choi  ...  Director of Academic Affairs
Min-woo Choi  ...  Former teacher
Da-Yoon Go  ...  Lynch clique
Dong-won Heo  ...  Detective 1
So-hee Jeon  ...  Kyeong-min
In-gi Jung  ...  Kyeong-min's dad
Tae-joon Kim  ...  Detective 2
Ho-won Lee  ...  Detective 4
Seul-ah Lee  ...  Lynch clique
Comments: This is the kind of Korean flick I love. Indie-ish, not aiming too high, not about rich and powerful men and their rich and powerful man problems; a plot that's not too complex for its own good; and most importantly, a considered touch that gives life and nuance to all the peripheral characters. I love it when a character might have only one or two lines but they ring, they tell, they add, they reveal.

In this flick, when one character hits another character, they actually hit them. No faking. One character hits herself. No faking. There's a scene where a group of girls beat up a single girl and it's unnerving in its authenticity (to me, anyway).

The flick is done really well. The acting, the writing, the direction. All good. It's not afraid to go slow and it doesn't set out to manipulate anybody (as far as I could tell). In the end, though, it's pretty inconsequential, except maybe for its view of suicide. And it's intense.

The lead actress, a 30 y/old playing a high school student, is very good. At first I thought she might be younger and was thinking it's pretty brutal to put young actresses through the emotional turmoil this girl goes through but then I looked her up, discovered her age, and thought "Okay, grind up her insides. It's just an acting job".

There's similarity to Memento Mori: girls high school; bullying; suicide; teachers who hit students; guilt crawling out of the woodwork; unrequited love; jealousy (it's not a lesbian thing because being lesbian isn't the thing. It's just young love). Throw in a couple detectives and voila! It's a whole new movie

Summary: When a school girl disappears, suicide is suspected, and one of her classmates is suspected of having goaded her into it.

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