2019   South Korea, Japan Fukuoka
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Director:Lu Zhang
Studio:Lu Films
Writer:Lu Zhang
IMDb Rating:6.4 (16 votes)
Awards:1 nomination
Duration:88 min
Languages:Korean, Japanese, Chinese
Lu Zhang  ...  (Director)
Lu Zhang  ...  (Writer)
Hae-hyo Kwon  ...  
So-dam Park  ...  
Yukari Yamamoto  ...  
Je-mun Yun  ...  
Rui Zhao  ...  
Comments: What kind of person are you?

I eat, sleep, shit, cry and laugh
Same with you

I loved the way this young woman controlled (not really the right word, but go with it for now) these two, albeit loser, old men. Not in a feminist manifesto way, nor in a Japanese creepy way, but in a very natural, gentle, harmless collaboration

I loved the way all three of them seemed like they weren't in the film , but caught on tape

I loved the way the super-real (ambiguous, unexplained) elements were introduced, acknowledged, and folded into normal: an elegant way of saying "relax". They didn't push or require anything. Never once was a demand made that something be spelled out or deciphered

Was So-dam the ghost of Soon-yi? I don't care. When a movie offers several avenues of interpretation the best solution is to not attach to any of them

I usually hate watching actors fake being drunk (or being drunk) but Yoon Je-moon sitting in that cafe with his palm pointing upward was outstanding work

This is the kind of film I live for. Doesn't aim too high and hits its target with a sledgehammer

Summary: Hae-hyo and Jea-moon were very good pals in college, eventually going their separate ways after falling in love with the same girl. They have not seen or heard from each other ever since. As time passes and Jea-moon approaches middle age, the memory of his college life becomes ever more refreshed, and begins to haunt him more and more frequently. At this moment, a strange girl, So-dam, not only intrudes into his quiet second-hand bookstore, but also disturbs his life, urging him to set out on a long journey to Japan to look for Hae-hyo. In Japan, when three of them finally meet in a local pub, can the problems of their past be reconciled?

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