2006   USA Five Across the Eyes
Five Across the Eyes Image Cover
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Director:Greg Swinson, Ryan Thiessen
Studio:Trauma One Entertainment
Writer:Marshall Hicks, Greg Swinson
IMDb Rating:3.2 (989 votes)
Duration:95 min
Greg Swinson, Ryan Thiessen  ...  (Director)
Marshall Hicks, Greg Swinson  ...  (Writer)
Jennifer Barnett  ...  Stephanie
Angela Brunda  ...  Caroline
Danielle Lilley  ...  Jamie
Sandra Paduch  ...  Isabella
Mia Yi  ...  Melanie
Veronica Garcia  ...  The Driver
Dave Jarnigan  ...  Store Clerk
Keith Smith  ...  Dead Body
Jane Swinson  ...  Dead Body
Abby Vessell  ...  Dead Body
Ryan Thiessen  ...  Editor
Shannon McDowell  ...  Composer
David Risdahl  ...  Composer
Comments: Getting home by curfew is gonna be hell.

Summary: "On their way home from a high school football game, five teenage girls become hopelessly lost. When they stop to get directions at a desolate store, the girls are involved in a minor fender bender which leaves an unattended SUV one headlight short. Inexperienced and frightened that they'll get into trouble, the girls flee the scene of the accident and speed away down the dark and unfamiliar roads. As they blindly make their way across an area the locals call THE EYES, the girls are suddenly shocked to see one lone headlight appear behind them. As the driver of the damaged SUV begins one terrifying assault after another, the five girls will lose their innocence and possibly their lives in this brutal and shocking thrill ride."

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