2007   UK, USA, France, Austria Funny Games U.S.
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Director:Michael Haneke
Studio:Belladonna Productions
Writer:Michael Haneke
IMDb Rating:6.4 (34,496 votes)
Awards:3 wins & 1 nomination
Genre:Crime, Drama, Thriller
Duration:112 min
Michael Haneke  ...  (Director)
Michael Haneke  ...  (Writer)
Naomi Watts  ...  Ann
Tim Roth  ...  George
Michael Pitt  ...  Paul
Brady Corbet  ...  Peter
Devon Gearhart  ...  Georgie
Boyd Gaines  ...  Fred
Siobhan Fallon  ...  Betsy
Robert LuPone  ...  Robert
Susanne C. Hanke  ...  Betsy's Sister-in-Law
Linda Moran  ...  Eve
Susi Haneke  ...  Betsy's Sister-in-Law
Darius Khondji  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This is a shot for shot remake by the same director of the 1997 film. It didn't strike me as slimey/creepy as the original probably because I knew the story, NWatts is too beautiful. and MPitt's shorts weren't short enough to be creepy.

Pitt and Corbet did do a stand up job, as good as the original duo, but Roth and Watts, while good, didn't seem as terrorized as the original.

My vote is for the original and I'd recommend it over this one unless you don't like subtitles. It's definitely a film worth seeing. The bad guys are a unique and surreal experience in terror.

Summary: In this English-language remake of a deconstruction in the way violence is portrayed in the media, a family settles into its vacation home, which happens to be the next stop for a pair of young, articulate, white-gloved serial killers on an excursion through the neighborhood.

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