Sum yuen   2007   Hong Kong Forest of Death
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Director:Danny Pang
Studio:Universe Entertainment
Writer:Cub Chin, Danny Pang
IMDb Rating:4.5 (340 votes)
Genre:Crime, Horror, Thriller
Duration:98 min
Danny Pang  ...  (Director)
Cub Chin, Danny Pang  ...  (Writer)
Qi Shu  ...  Detective C.C. Ha
Ekin Cheng  ...  Shum Shu-hoi
Rain Li  ...  May
Siu-Ming Lau  ...  Mr. Tin
Suet Lam  ...  Commissioner Wong
Tommy Yuen  ...  Shu-hoi's assistant (as Man-on Yuen)
Lawrence Chou  ...  Patrick Wong (as Tsun-wai Chou)
Cub Chin  ...  Producer of TV show
Choochart Nantitanyatada  ...  Cinematographer
Payont Permsith  ...  Composer
Comments: It's no secret that the Pang's aren't big on script talent, but good lord, this was embarrassing. I couldn't get all the way through it.

A rape/murder takes place in a forest that is infamous as a mecca for suicide. A botanist is researching the ability of plants to communicate with people. His girlfriend is a tabloid reporter sensationalizing the ghostly aspects of the forest. A detective, investigating the rape/murder case, believes that plants can act as witnesses so she gets the botanist to bring his equipment to the forest and sets up a re-enactment of the crime where the plants will act as lie detectors.

I'm not kidding.

Summary: Police detective Ha Chun-Chi (Shu Qi) is investigating a rape and murder that took place in a mysterious forest that has also the scene of many suicides. The main suspect in the murder case is Patrick Wong (Lawrence Chou), but he denies committing the crime.

Ha's investigation leads to botanist Shum Shu-Hoi (Ekin Cheng), who has been experimenting with plants from the forest. Shum's girlfriend, May (Rain Li), is feigns interest in the forest to gain information for a tabloid television show she works for.

Shum's experiments reveal that the plants can act as witnesses in the murder case, and sets up a re-enactment of the crime in the forest, where the plants will act as lie detectors.

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