2005   USA Chaos
Chaos Image Cover
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Director:David DeFalco
Studio:Dominion Entertainment LLC
Writer:David DeFalco
IMDb Rating:3.2 (1,324 votes)
Genre:Horror, Thriller
Duration:74 min
David DeFalco  ...  (Director)
David DeFalco  ...  (Writer)
Kevin Gage  ...  Chaos
Sage Stallone  ...  Swan
Kelly K.C. Quann  ...  Daisy
Stephen Wozniak  ...  Frankie
Chantal Degroat  ...  Emily
Maya Barovich  ...  Angelica
Deborah Lacey  ...  Justine
Scott Richards  ...  Leo
Ken Medlock  ...  Officer MacDunner
Jeb Barrows  ...  Officer Wilson
Ron Althoff  ...  First Redneck (as Ronald Althoff)
Red Horton  ...  Second Redneck
Steven Jay Bernheim  ...  Frightened Driver
David DeFalco  ...  
Roshawn Franklin  ...  Ben
Garrett S. Mays  ...  Kameron
Brandon Trost  ...  Cinematographer
Peter Devaney Flanagan  ...  Editor
Marc Leif  ...  Editor
Comments: Kevin Gage is good as the killer/rapist. He cuts a nipple off one of the girls, makes her eat it, kills her AND THEN rapes her. He shoves a Crocodile Dundee sized knife up the other girl's ass. Nice moves but without any merit. Everyone else in this movie sux. The acting is painfully bad.

This is another film that's supposed to be a message about toture porn instead of simply being toture porn. The film begins with a written message saying so and hopes that by alerting parents and potential victims to the scaries out there, maybe it will save a life.

What a joke. Fuck you, you pussy filmmaker. Who cares if Roger Ebert didn't like your film? I didn't like it either because it totally sucked.

Summary: Emily and her friend Angelica go to a rave in the woods, and when they arrive, they meet a stranger called Swan that promises some Exstasy for the girls. They follow him to a cabin into the forest where they meet the sadistic gang leaded by the psychotic Chaos. The girls are abused, tortured and raped in a night of nightmare and murder.

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