Ga-myeon   2007   South Korea Rainbow Eyes
Rainbow Eyes Image Cover
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Director:Yun-ho Yang
Studio:DRM Entertainment
Writer:Jeung-ae Han, Han Jeung-Ae
IMDb Rating:6.3 (185 votes)
Genre:Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Duration:99 min
Yun-ho Yang  ...  (Director)
Jeung-ae Han, Han Jeung-Ae  ...  (Writer)
Kang-woo Kim  ...  Detective Jo Kyeong-yoon
Gyu-ri Kim  ...  Detective Park Eun-joo
Su-kyeong Lee  ...  Cha Soo-jin
Duek-mun Choi  ...  Detective Lee
Yoo-i Ha  ...  
Chang-geol Jeon  ...  Chief
Bit Kang  ...  
Ji-won Kang  ...  
Yi-seok Kang  ...  
Seong-ryeong Kim  ...  Lee Hye-seo
Won-bae Kim  ...  
Pung-wun Lee  ...  
Soo-kyung Lee  ...  Sue
Ji-Yeong Oh  ...  Jeong Mi-sook
Sang-cheol Park  ...  Fruit tree staff
Dong-hyeon Baek  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Artificially tense and hip cop and killer thriller that threatens to go over the top throughout but gets stuck motorcycling around the rim of its contrived story, complete with coincidental fireworks over a broken bridge in the film's climactic conclusion. Min-Sun Kim is fun as the film's girl good guy cop, albeit paint-by-number.

Summary: "Director Yang Yun-Ho of Holiday and Fighter In The Wind fame has always had style and technical chops to spare, though he sometimes lacks the goods on the story front to back up his skills. But occasionally weak stories or not ,Yang is always going to give the audience something that looks impressive and , the flashy mystery/serial killer film Rainbow Eyes (The Mask) is certainly seemed to be the case."

"Inspectors Kyung-yoon CHO and Eun-joo PARK have been an inseparable duo ever since their police academy days. One day, the two inspectors take on the case of a young rich sports center owner, violently stabbed to death. The only clue to the case is a piece of body hair with AB blood type found at the scene. The two inspectors identify a swimming instructor as a major suspect to the case, but he later gets brutally murdered in the same way. It is later revealed that the two victims and a third party were once in the same army and committed a disgraceful act together. The police see the murders as a serial murder case in revenge for the victim at the time, ‘Yoon-suh LEE’. But as the murderer’s identity slowly unfolds, inspector Kyung-yoon comes across another shocking mystery…"

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