Hu die   2004   Hong Kong Butterfly
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Director:Yan Yan Mak
Studio:Panorama Entertainment
Writer:Xue Chen, Yan Yan Mak
IMDb Rating:6.8 (466 votes)
Awards:1 win & 4 nominations
Duration:124 min
Yan Yan Mak  ...  (Director)
Xue Chen, Yan Yan Mak  ...  (Writer)
Josie Ho  ...  Flavia
Yuan Tian  ...  Xiao Ye
Eric Kot  ...  Ming (Flavia's Husband)
Stephanie Che  ...  Jin
Yat Ning Chan  ...  Young Flavia (as Isabel Chan)
Joman Chiang  ...  Young Jin
Kenneth Tsang  ...  Flavia's dad
Pauline Yam  ...  Rosa
Carl Ng  ...  Carl (Man in Macau bar)
Yuen-Leung Poon  ...  Man in coffee shop
Redbean Lau  ...  Flavia's mum
Alice Lee  ...  Pauline
Wong Sin Ting Zeni  ...  Muriel
Charlie Lam  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: The direction and cinematography are more ambitious than they need to be for this simple love story but not often to the point of distraction. It's very well acted by attractive actors. Josie Ho is gorgeous and understated. The tentativeness of her sexual reawakening has as much to do with her personality as it does with her gender. It's not padded by making the guy a jerk who would make any woman switch teams like is done in many western films about lesbian love. It's got politics too, as the younger pair exist amidst the Tiananmen square riots and massacre. Well done.


Summary: The film follows Flavia (Josie Ho), a married high school teacher, who encounters free spirited female singer-songwriter Yip (Tian Yuan) and strikes up a relationship with the younger girl. Flavia is a lesbian, but never can act like one because she was brought up in a society where homosexuality was not accepted.

When Flavia was a teenager, she once fell in love with a girl in her class, but the relationship was forced to end when it was discovered by her parents. Flavia, heartbroken, eventually married a competent and caring businessman after she was graduated from university. Now in her 30s and married with a child, she met Yip, a beautiful singer-songwriter. Flavia is deeply attracted by her carefree personality and bright spirit, she fell in love with Yip just like the first love she had in high school. She slowly dares to break out, worried about the consequences but equally about finding her true self again.

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