Tsoi suet yuk chi ngo oi nei   2005   China, Hong Kong All About Love
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Director:Daniel Yu Wai-Kwok, Kung-Lok Lee
Studio:Focus Films
Writer:Kung-Lok Lee, Daniel Yu Wai-Kwok
IMDb Rating:6.1 (278 votes)
Duration:102 min
Daniel Yu Wai-Kwok, Kung-Lok Lee  ...  (Director)
Kung-Lok Lee, Daniel Yu Wai-Kwok  ...  (Writer)
Andy Lau  ...  Ko
Charlie Yeung  ...  Tse Yuen Sam
Charlene Choi  ...  Zi Qing
Tung Cho 'Joe' Cheung  ...  
Sasha Hou  ...  
Shiu Hung Hui  ...  Zi Qing's father
Suet Lam  ...  Ko's colleague
Andrew Lin  ...  
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang  ...  
Gigi Wong Suk Yee  ...  
Wong Sin Ting Zeni  ...  Derek's model
Jason Kwan  ...  Cinematographer
Jacky Chan  ...  Composer
Marco Wan  ...  Composer
Comments: Is it the heart that one loves or the body? Three gorgeous actors in a beautifully shot but weak-on-plot Hong Kong melodrama. The time-hopping story and doppelganger aspect make it a little hard to follow. No tears, but nice to look at.


Andy Lau's wife dies and her heart is donated to a woman whose cheating husband just happens to look exactly like Andy Lau (puhleaze) and whose body eventually rejects the heart. We're supposed to get all weepy and philosophical wondering if it's the heart that one loves or the body, when in point of fact the fimmaker just wants to give Andy an excuse for having two bodies to play with because he's such a big star. He's awesome, differentiating his two characters by varying the amount of peach-fuzz around his mouth. The time-hopping plot and doppleganger aspect make it a little hard to follow. No tears.


Summary: Ko's (Andy Lau) life is running perfectly for him; he has a successful job he loves, and a beautiful wife, that he loves even more. However, one day, his wife suddenly passed way, leaving Ko devastated and alone. In order to distract himself from the tragedy of losing his wife, he devotes himself fully to his work at hospital.

However, one day, Sam is admitted into the hospital and Ko finds himself strangly attracted to this woman, Coincidentally, Sam is also the recipient of a heart transplant - "Ko's wife heart".

"All about Love" is a colourful, sweet and touching story of destiny, love, hope and second chances.

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