Eoggaeneomeoeui yeoni   2007   South Korea Love Exposure
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Director:Eon-hie Lee
Studio:Sidus Pictures
Writer:Yun-hui Go, Eun-hye Kim
IMDb Rating:5.7 (58 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Duration:100 min
Eon-hie Lee  ...  (Director)
Yun-hui Go, Eun-hye Kim  ...  (Writer)
Mi-yeon Lee  ...  Seo Jeon-wan
Tae-ran Lee  ...  Yun Hee-su
Jun-seong Kim  ...  Kwon Yeong-ho
Byeong-chun Kim  ...  Kim Yong-ho
Hong-pyo Kim  ...  Yong-ju
Hwa-ju Kim  ...  Kim Ae-ri
Hye-sang Lee  ...  Kim Ji-yeon
Marcos Benjamin Lee  ...  Marco
Yeong-ran Lee  ...  Jeong-wan's mother
Jung-Hee Nam  ...  Jeong-wan's grandmother
Jong-rye Won  ...  
In-su Yu  ...  
Je-mun Yun  ...  Kim Hyung-shik
Kyung-Pyo Hong  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This is a fairly intelligent film with smart dialog about two women living on different sides of adultery and how it affects their relationships with each other and their partners, but it's shot and scored like a made-for-tv lightweight drama. It could have been so much better. Tae-ran Lee is a hidden gem: smart, sophisticated, and gorgeous with a million dollar head of hair.

Summary: Jeong-wan is a promising photographer on the rise, 32-years old and still single, not that she has a problem with that. Since she has no fantasies about marriage, she doesn’t feel it’s necessary to find a life partner. But she wishes that she could have a man she can have a relationship with. She can make love to a man freely whenever she wants, so why would she ever get married?

Hee-su has been Jeong-wan’s friend for more than ten years. She is a very sexy housewife, looking as young as women in their twenties. It was a shock to everyone she knew when she got married to a characterless and uninspired man since she has had a dramatic history of passionate romance. But when it came to marriage she chose a man as if he was an insurance policy - a man who could support anything she wanted. She can use all the time and money he gives her to treat herself, so why would she ever need to work?

The two lives collide when both women’s relationships end up in opposite ends of two separate affairs. Jeong-wan begins a relationship with a handsome married man while Hee-su finds out that her husband is cheating on her with a much younger girl. Jeong-wan feels safe knowing that there will never be a commitment with a married man and Hee-su wants to let her feelings known to her friend but when it comes to love, all is fair and everyone is for himself.

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