2008   USA The Grand
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Director:Zak Penn
Studio:Insomnia Media Group
Writer:Zak Penn, Matt Bierman
IMDb Rating:6.0 (3,813 votes)
Duration:104 min
Zak Penn  ...  (Director)
Zak Penn, Matt Bierman  ...  (Writer)
Julie Claire  ...  Dr. Jamie Sellers
David Cross  ...  Larry Schwartzman
Shannon Elizabeth  ...  Toni
Mike Epps  ...  Reggie Marshall
Dennis Farina  ...  L.B.J. Deuce Fairbanks
Judy Greer  ...  Sharon Andrews
Woody Harrelson  ...  One Eyed Jack Faro
Estelle Harris  ...  Ruth 'Nana' Melvin
Werner Herzog  ...  The German
Cheryl Hines  ...  Lainie Schwartzman
Gabe Kaplan  ...  Seth Schwartzman
Michael Karnow  ...  Mike Werbe
Richard Kind  ...  Andy Andrews
Michael McKean  ...  Billionaire Steve Lavisch
Chris Parnell  ...  Harold Melvin
Jason Alexander  ...  Dr. Yakov Achmed
Ray Romano  ...  Fred Marsh
Anthony Hardwick  ...  Cinematographer
Stephen Endelman  ...  Composer
Comments: I laughed and laughed. This is a great vehicle for Woody Harrelson but I could also list and applaud the umpteen other actors in this ensemble comedy. It's fast paced and smartly written. The inside jokes are there for those who know the world of Professional Poker but you don't need to be an insider to laugh at most of them. This is the best comedy I've seen in a long time.

Summary: Incident at Loch Ness director Zak Penn takes the helm for this mockumentary that finds film and television star Woody Harrelson entering the Grand Championship of Poker in hopes of saving his late grandfather's popular hotel casino from a scheming real estate developer. As the wrecking ball swings ever closer, Harrelson continually ups the ante in order to take home the top prize at the world's most prestigious poker tournament. Co-stars Ray Romano, Werner Herzog, Cheryl Hines, David Cross, and Dennis Farina all put on their best poker face for a comedy where all bets are off and anything can happen.

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