Kaiki! Shinin shôjo   2004   Japan Dead Girl Walking
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Director:Kôji Shiraishi
Studio:Japan CableCast K.K.
Writer:Naoyuki Yokota
IMDb Rating:6.0 (67 votes)
Genre:Horror, Short
Duration:44 min
Kôji Shiraishi  ...  (Director)
Naoyuki Yokota  ...  (Writer)
Ayaka Maeda  ...  Yuri Ôhara
Moe Karasawa  ...  Yuki Ôhara
Yoshiyuki Morishita  ...  Hidetsugu Ôhara
Kibaji Tankobo  ...  Hito Sarai
Kansai Eto  ...  Nôfu
Horiken  ...  Kurayami no Otoko
Mick Iriki  ...  Genin
Ken Yasumoto  ...  Ishi
Yukie Maeda  ...  Yuri no Yûjin
Asuka Sakurai  ...  Yuri no Yûjin
Misako Sekioka  ...  Yuri no Yûjin
Sanae Yoneyama  ...  Kôen no Oyako
Haruna Yoneyama  ...  Kôen no Oyako
Kuniyuki Satô  ...  Kurayami no Jûnin
Satoshi Uemoto  ...  Kurayami no Jûnin
Masayuki Nakazawa  ...  Cinematographer
Kôji Shiraishi  ...  Editor
Shot in deeply contrasted black and white, reminiscent of the silent film era (the soundtrack also conjures up that time), this is J-Horror. Teenage Yuri appears to die of a heart attack, is pronounced dead but her body doesn't act like it. Her parents scold her for not behaving like a proper dead person as her body rots and limbs start falling off. They try to embalm and then cremate her, much to her chagrin.

Summary: The unimaginable happens. Sayuri is pronounced 'dead' by her doctor, but her body continues to function. Her wounds begin to fester and her body begins to rot. Her once loving mother, father and sister are repulsed as their home starts reeking of decomposing flesh. Unable to bear it any longer, they corner Sayuri holding a can of gasoline.... She flees for her life, but is snatched away by a strange man who runs a freak show, where Sayuri is forced to exhibit her putrefied body and dance before an audience of men dressed in black. Isolated in the desolate hills, Sayuri thinks she has escaped them, but she's wrong....

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