2008   USA The Guitar
The Guitar Image Cover
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Director:Amy Redford
Studio:Apple Creek Productions
Writer:Amos Poe, Gillian Horvat
IMDb Rating:6.4 (1,517 votes)
Awards:2 nominations
Genre:Drama, Music, Romance
Duration:95 min
Amy Redford  ...  (Director)
Amos Poe, Gillian Horvat  ...  (Writer)
Saffron Burrows  ...  Melody Wilder
Isaach De BankolĂ©  ...  Roscoe Wasz
Paz de la Huerta  ...  Constance 'Cookie' Clemente
Mia Kucan  ...  Young Mel
Adam Trese  ...  Mr. Laffs
Janeane Garofalo  ...  Dr. Murray
Owen McCarthy  ...  Himself - Everyothers' Singer
Joel Cannon  ...  Himself - Everyothers' Guitar Player
Ben Toro  ...  Himself - Everyothers' Bass Player
John Melville  ...  Himself - Everyothers' Drummer
Reg Rogers  ...  Brett
David Wain  ...  Phone Man
Elizabeth Marvel  ...  Ma Wilder
Bill Camp  ...  Pa Wilder
Richard Short  ...  Loser Musician
Bobby Bukowski  ...  Cinematographer
David Mansfield  ...  Composer
Comments: I'm a guitar snob so this won't apply to your experience, necessarily. Saffron's acting was fine and good in this common 'oops, I'm dying, but I can deal with it via credit cards' story, but she couldn't play guitar, and worse, she had no body relationship with the instrument. Probably won't bother most folks but it kind of spoiled it for me.

Summary: The transformation of a woman after she is diagnosed with a terminal illness, fired from her thankless job and abandoned by her boyfriend. Given two months to live, she blows her savings and maxes out her credit cards to pursue her dreams, which include romance and learning to play the electric guitar.

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