Sarang-eul nochida   2006   South Korea Lost in Love
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Director:Chang-min Chu
Studio:Cinema Service
Writer:Chang-min Chu
IMDb Rating:5.8 (82 votes)
Duration:115 min
Chang-min Chu  ...  (Director)
Chang-min Chu  ...  (Writer)
Hang-Seon Jang  ...  Uncle
Ki-woo Lee  ...  Sang-shik
Kyung-gu Sol  ...  Woo-jae
Yun-ah Song  ...  Yeon-soo
Comments: This is one of the strangest, silliest romantic melodramas I think I've ever seen. It must be approached like a train wreck. It's not that it's bad in a sickening or cheap way ... it's just wrong at most every turn because it tries too hard to be controlling.

There are two fine actors in the lead roles: Sol Kyung-Gu as the guy, he's from Oasis and such, a great film. I think he's one of the best Korean actors behind Song Kang-ho, from The Host and Thirst and such. The girl is his real life wife, Song Yun-Ah. I haven't seen her before but she's very attractive and and has a genuine quality as an actress. I look forward to seeing more of her.

But gee whiz, this film plays the most sentimental music at all the right times ... which means all the wrong times. It's unabashedly blatant and tries but fails to be manipulative. It's basic blunder of a story seems ill-conceived and executed haphazardly. It will make you laugh at times when you're not supposed to.

I guess the characters are meant to be proletariat types because they use foul language when it's not called for and the guy has bad table manners. The girl's mom doesn't wear a bra and has sex with an unattractive yet sweet man, and she rides a motor bike scooter thing. She's hip. We like her. She might die.

No tears but it's good for a gawk.

Summary: Although slow, meandering, and more or less uneventful, Lost in Love overcomes the odds and makes for a surprisingly compelling viewing experience. Director Choo Chang-Min’s second film amounts to an excellent rumination on the perils of unspoken love and missed opportunities.

From writer/director Choo Chang-Min comes Lost in Love, a 2006 melodrama about two people who can never seem to get things right when it comes to romance - they either can’t adequately communicate their feelings to one another or simply lack the courage to even try. Unlike other recent films of this kind, rather than throw in a terminal illness or have someone fall victim to a car accident somewhere in the story, the filmmakers wisely avoid these K-drama clichés, instead delivering a film that feels anything but formulaic. The pace may be a bit slow, but it’s a compelling journey nonetheless.

Song Yoon-Ah portrays Yeon-Ju, a timid young girl who maintains a secret crush on her platonic male friend, Woo-Jae (Sol Kyung-Gu, from Public Enemy and Peppermint Candy). Her shyness frequently gets the better of her, and she can only stand idly by and watch as Woo-Jae suffers a broken heart at the hands of his ex-girlfriend and, consequently, get kicked off the school’s crew team due to his resulting attitude problem. Later, while Woo-Jae is in the army, Yeon-Ju visits him, hoping to spend the night with him. Unfortunately, just as in their school days, Woo-Jae is totally oblivious to her intentions, and a disappointed Yeon-Ju goes home.

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