Na shi hua kai   2002   China Where Have All the Flowers Gone
Where Have All the Flowers Gone Image Cover
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Director:Xiaosong Gao
Studio:Xi'an Film Studio
Writer:Xiaosong Gao
IMDb Rating:6.4 (69 votes)
Duration:90 min
Xiaosong Gao  ...  (Director)
Xiaosong Gao  ...  (Writer)
Xun Zhou  ...  Mirth (Huanzi)
Yu Xia  ...  Gao Ju
Shu Pu  ...  Zhang Yang
Ming Li  ...  Rich man
Zhaogang Ma  ...  Driver
Yaoxuan Shu  ...  Professor
Zhen Tian  ...  Singer
Kaige Zhao  ...  Doctor
Xiaosong Gao  ...  Composer
Yadong Zhang  ...  Composer
Xiaoman Yuan  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: This is a wonderfully surreal 90 minutes spent with interesting characters involved in interesting situations, not so much story wise but in each of the set-pieces on display. It's an experimental film using it's own internal logic telling its story in non-linear fashion but it's easy to follow because it's engaging. One of the reasons Chinese independent films can be so good is that the directors of many of them, like this one, are able to employ top tier actors. Zhou Xun is one of mainland China's best contemporary actresses and Xia Yu is no slouch. He's the captain of goofy suave. The film hops around space and time, sometimes during a single conversation and one of the most remarkable features of this production is the sound design. It remains a constant through all the jumping around making it easy to hang on to the roller-coastering ride.. Very well done film.

Summary: Gao Ju (Xia Yu) and Zhang Yang (Pu Shu) were best of friends, but they both fall in love with Huanzi (Zhou Xun). Huanzi loves both of them and thus they formed an unbalanced trinity. A simple promise not to meet ever again after college ended up in disaster when Gao cannot resist wooing Huanzi again. But many things happened since...

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