Haeundae   2009   South Korea Tidal Wave
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Director:Je-gyun Yun
Studio:CJ Entertainment
Writer:Je-gyun Yun
IMDb Rating:5.8 (1,094 votes)
Awards:1 win
Genre:Action, Drama, Thriller
Duration:120 min
Je-gyun Yun  ...  (Director)
Je-gyun Yun  ...  (Writer)
Ji-won Ha  ...  Gang Yeon-heui
Nicole Dionne  ...  Yeon-Hee
Joong-Hoon Park  ...  Kim Hwi
Kyung-gu Sol  ...  Choi Man-shik
Ye-won Kang  ...  Hee-mee
Jeong-hwa Eom  ...  Lee Yu-jin
In-kwon Kim  ...  Dong-chun
Jae-ho Song  ...  Choi's uncle
Sean House  ...  
Min-gi Lee  ...  Hyeong-shik
Lee Briggs  ...  Helicopter Pilot
Bo-geun Cheon  ...  Seung-hyeon
Hee-chi Ja  ...  Big body 1
Yong-hwan Kim  ...  Secretary
Won-yeong Kim  ...  Private policeman
Byung-woo Lee  ...  Composer
Young-Ho Kim  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Tsunami, or Tidal Wave, or whatever, is a great big huge gigantic disaster. The first ten minutes introduces about a dozen characters all of whom you'll hope are dead in the next ten minutes. It's the strangest character development I've ever seen. There's no subtlety or differentiation to them. They're all loud, extremely loud, obnoxious idiots. And they all hit one another, a lot. There are three things at play here: stupid, godawful, and annoying as hell. The director of the film, in a pre-emptive strike sort of way, has acknowledged that the special effects aren't very good (i.e., very expensive) so he's going to treat us to some good ol' Korean charm. FAIL. I hope this film never sees the light of day outside Korea because it could set back by decades the good reputation of that country's cinematic output. The acting is bad (WTF Sol Kyung-gu & Ha Ji-won), the myriad plot lines are predictable and groan out loud unpleasant, the special effects are cheesy, and, well .... you get the point. If you ever get roped into seeing this movie I promise that you won't believe how bad it is.

I watched the international version that cuts 13 minutes from the Korean domestic release. Thank gosh for small favors.


Summary: Man-sik, a native of Haeundae, lost a co-worker to a tsunami on a deep-sea fishing trip four years ago. He leads a simple life running a small seafood restaurant and is preparing to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Yeon-hee. Man-sik’s brother Hyung-sik works as a coast guard. One day, he rescues a female college student from Seoul who promptly, comes on to him aggressively. While these everyday domestic affairs unfold, geologist Kim Hwi, an expert on tsunami research, discovers the East Sea is showing signs of activity similar to the Indian Ocean at the time of the 2004 tsunami. Despite his warnings, the Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is in no harm of being hit. When he discovers a mega-tsunami is headed straight for the Korean peninsula, he quickly heads down to Haeundae. Eventually, Kim gets a call about a deadly oncoming wave, with only ten minutes to spare! A mega-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae at 500 miles per hour.

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