Shonen merikensakku   2008   Japan Brass Knuckle Boys
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Director:Kankurô Kudô
Studio:Kinoshita Management
Writer:Kankurô Kudô
IMDb Rating:6.6 (254 votes)
Awards:2 nominations
Duration:125 min
Kankurô Kudô  ...  (Director)
Kankurô Kudô  ...  (Writer)
Aoi Miyazaki  ...  Kanna Kurita
Yûichi Kimura  ...  Haruo
Ryo Katsuji  ...  Masaru
Tomorowo Taguchi  ...  Jimmy
Hiroki Miyake  ...  Young
Pierre Taki  ...  Kinji Kaneko
Yûsuke Santamaria  ...  Tokita
Kôichi Satô  ...  Akio
Shô Aikawa  ...  Kanna's father
Hiroshi Inuzuka  ...  Father of Akio and Haruo
Hoshi Ishida  ...  Young - 25 years ago
Setsuko Karasuma  ...  Miho
Kazunobu Mineta  ...  Jimmy - 25 years ago
Atsuo Nakamura  ...  MC at TV show
Shigeru Nakano  ...  Police officer
Kazunari Tanaka  ...  Cinematographer
Kazushige Tanaka  ...  Cinematographer
Shutoku Mukai  ...  Composer
Comments: I'll watch anything with Aoi Miyazaki in it but it was extremely tough this time. She's fabulous, of course, and the film starts off with a refreshingly bizarre sense of humor, but it quickly devolves into toilet humor. Miyazaki plays a record company office worker who discovers a punk rock band on the Internet, thinks they are the next big thing, and decides to represent them on behalf of her company. What she doesn't know, at first, is that the band's web site and videos are 25 years old, so she must follow through promoting a group of middle-aged punk rockers because contracts have been signed and jobs are on the line. I can't imagine who this movie is aimed at. Young people (who are into punk) will recognize it as fake and older people (who may have been punks) will too. Brass Knuckle Boys confuses punk with childishness and fails to create characters that anyone will care about. For every quick and funny moment that works, and there's a bunch of them, there's umpteen that don't. And the sibling rivalry family drama subplot is painfully uninteresting. I'm a huge Aoi Miyazaki fan but a two hour fart joke is a bad vehicle for her.


Summary: A record company office worker named Kanna Kurita discovers a punk rock band called Shonen Meriken Sakku / Brass Knuckle Boys through the internet and subsequently decides to represent them on behalf of her company. What Kanna did not know was that the Brass Knuckle Boys consists of all middle aged men … the video being from 25 years ago.

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