2003   China Nuan
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Director:Jianqi Huo
Studio:Beijing Aureape Ocean Park Co.
Writer:Yan Mo
IMDb Rating:6.8 (137 votes)
Awards:8 wins & 4 nominations
Duration:109 min
Jianqi Huo  ...  (Director)
Yan Mo  ...  (Writer)
Xiaodong Guo  ...  
Teruyuki Kagawa  ...  
Jia Li  ...  
Comments: A very good looking film. Fairly typical story about a village guy who goes to the city for university and returns ten years later for a quick visit and runs into the girl who was his first love, and to whom he promised he would return to after university. Liar! The woman gave up waiting for the guy and married the village idiot who is mute. Tragic!

A Chinese film, but Japanese actor Teruyuki Kagawa plays the mute dude and it is the first of the many roles I've seen him in that I haven't liked. He pretty much killed the film for me. He won awards for his performance, it's just that I dislike characters who act like stupid a**holes. So ....

I thought the film was a little slow on the uptake throughout. All kinds of flashbacks going on to show the young lovers. And then I felt the big moral of the story came up wimpy. Excepting the beautiful cinematography, the film felt like it was put together by amateurs.

Summary: Like Huo's Postmen in the Mountains, Nuan is a rural drama. The film follows Lin Jinghe, a young man who, for the last ten years, has been living in the big city. When he returns home, he runs into his childhood love, Nuan. Years earlier, Nuan and Jinghe had been schoolmates. Nuan, the most popular girl in school, had fallen in love with an acrobat from a traveling troupe. When the acrobat eventually abandons her, Nuan finds herself drawn to Jinghe. One day, while playing with Jinghe, Nuan is permanently injured when she falls off a swing. Jinghe, seeing an opportunity to escape the small village heads to the city, but promises that he will be back for Nuan. Like the acrobat, however, he soon forgets about his childhood love.

Now, ten years later, he has finally returned. Nuan, however, has married a local mute.

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