Chawu   2009   South Korea Chaw
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Director:Jeong-won Shin
Studio:Lotte Entertainment
IMDb Rating:5.9 (409 votes)
Genre:Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Duration:121 min
Jeong-won Shin  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Tae-woong Eom  ...  Police Officer Kim
Philip Hersh  ...  Police Officer Kim
Yu-mi Jeong  ...  Su-ryeon
Yun-min Jeong  ...  Officer
Josiah D. Lee  ...  Hyung Sa
Earl Wayne Ording  ...  Hero Dog
Je-mun Yun  ...  Hunter Baek
Barry Stone  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: I don't understand why funny, dumb, and unattractive always come as a package in movies. Pretty people can be funny ... and dumb too. But anyway ... this little film is an entertaining ride. It's got funny, dumb, and unattractive people in it along with a giant pig that likes to dine on human beings. It's not a horror movie at all, except in concept. It's a comedy and it is quintessentially Korean. It's cast very well and everyone in it is earnest in their portrayal of absurdities. The cops are macho bumbling idiots, and people, and the pig, fall down a lot. As with most every South Korean film the production values are great but don't go in expecting a lot of good monsterness. The film is more about the people and the community than it is about the boar. The creature alternates between a couple guys in a furry jumpsuit and medium grade CGI but it gets the job done and doesn't look cheap. Chaw doesn't take itself seriously and if you don't, you will enjoy it. It's funny and entertaining.

Summary: Chaw is the name for a man-eating wild boar with a body length of 2m and approximate weight of 410kg. Sameri is a quiet village on the foot of Mt. Jiri in South Korea where no incidents have occurred in 10 years.

One day a mangled human wrist is found and the village of Sameri is placed in fear and severe anxiety. Shortly later another body part is found and then footprints are discovered with bloodstains. Former hunter Il-man Cheon (Hang-Seon Jang) lost his granddaughter and he now suspects her disappearance is tied to the man eating boar. Il-man then gathers some residents to find the boar including Sun-kyeong Kim (Tae-woong Eom), professional animal hunter Baek (Je-mun Yun), and Hyeong-sa Shin (Hyeok-kwon Park). Animal ecosystem researcher Su-ryeon (Yu-mi Jeong) is also enlisted in their hunt.

Comparison to Korea's all time box office champ "The Host", are inevitable, and box office expectations are high. "Chaw" was shot in Seoul and San Francisco

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