2009   South Korea Yoga Class
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Director:Jae-yeon Yun
Studio:Opus Pictures
Writer:Yun Jae-Yeon
IMDb Rating:4.9 (165 votes)
Duration:98 min
Jae-yeon Yun  ...  (Director)
Yun Jae-Yeon  ...  (Writer)
Yoo-jin  ...  Hyo-jeong
Su-yeon Cha  ...  Na-ni
Daniel Choi  ...  Dong-hoon
Eun-ji Jo  ...  In-soon
Young-jin Lee  ...  Seon-hwa
Ha-Na Hwang  ...  Oh Eun-sil
Seung-eon Hwang  ...  Bo-ra
In-gi Jeong  ...  Kang Hee - joong
Hye-na Kim  ...  Yoo-kyeong
Hye-sang Lee  ...  Kan Mi - hee
Han-byeol Park  ...  Yeon-joo
Seung-hyun Choi  ...  Composer
Comments: The premise starts off well enough. Gather up a handful of South Korea's pretty, young starlets ... erm, actresses, seal them in a beautiful yet dark and creepy castle and have them do yoga. Film it. That might have been a decent watch if they'd left it at that. Problem is, films usually need a story, some plot, and at least a little character development. Yoga Class doesn't do very well in those departments. And there's not enough Yoga.

The story is: five women sign up for this secret yoga class which promises eternal youthful beauty to the one of them that does the best. The plot is: there are rules they must follow, some of them break the rules and they get killed. The character development is: make one a yuppie who is being pushed out of her job by an even yuppier girl; one an attention whore bitch; one a previously fat person who still has crazy cravings; one a goofy twit for an attempt at comic relief; and one completely without personality. Then make the rules they must abide by fit perfectly to each of their weakness, like no mirrors, no contact with the outside world, no unauthorized food ... you get the screenplay 101 picture.

The castle is beautiful, the women are mostly good looking, and some of the kills are bloody enough, but it is not possible to care about anything that happens in the film.


Summary: Once taken her job because of her appearance, a confident and enthusiastic woman, Hyo-jung (Eugene) visits a mysterious yoga institute run by an ex-actress where her radically changed friend told her to go. At the intensive training course, a young yoga master, Nani (Su-yeon Cha) explains to Hyo-jung and four other girls that only one person who masters the course most successfully can get the secret of ultimate and immortal beauty.

There are five rules for them to follow during the one week course: 1. Do not eat, 2. Do not take showers within an hour after class, 3. Do not look into a mirror, 4. Do not go out of the building, 5. Do not call anyone.

As the training goes on, girls get tempted to break the rules and Hyo-jung starts to sense there is something strange about this institute and an actress who doesn’t get old...

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