1999   Japan M/Other
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Director:Nobuhiro Suwa
Studio:Bandai Visual Company
Writer:Tomokazu Miura, Nobuhiro Suwa, Makiko Watanabe
IMDb Rating:7.1 (175 votes)
Awards:5 wins
Duration:147 min
Nobuhiro Suwa  ...  (Director)
Tomokazu Miura, Nobuhiro Suwa, Makiko Watanabe  ...  (Writer)
Tomokazu Miura  ...  Tetsuro
Makiko Watanabe  ...  Aki
Ryudai Takahashi  ...  Shun
Hiroo Fuseya  ...  Real estate agent
Masami Inomoto  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Suwa's follow up to the marvelous 2/Duo. Another mostly improved, watching-paint-dry indie flick. This one is a little more mature in content and character. Makiko Watanabe is amazing as a young woman shacked up with an older guy who brings his eight year old son to live with them while his wife recuperates from a car accident. At first she resents the idea, mostly because she wasn't consulted about it, but comes to sort of like the role and is conflicted when it's coming to an end. Competing, confused emotions and transformation of character observed, and executed, at a very high level.

Summary: Tetsuro is living with his young girlfriend Aki in a pleasant house in Tokyo. They both spend a lot of time at their jobs. However their routine is upset when Tetsuro brings his 8 year old son Shun to live with them, while his ex-wife recovers from a car accident. Aki is annoyed because she was not asked, and she knows that she will have to do the bulk of the work in caring for him. This forces Aki to reevaluate her relationship, and decide whether she is to remain a modern working woman, or become a mother.

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