Yuriko no aroma   2010   Japan Yuriko's Aroma
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Director:Kôta Yoshida
Studio:Ace Deuce Entertainment
Writer:Kôta Yoshida
IMDb Rating:6.5 (34 votes)
Duration:77 min
Kôta Yoshida  ...  (Director)
Kôta Yoshida  ...  (Writer)
Noriko Eguchi  ...  Yuriko
Saori Hara  ...  Ayame
Noriko Kijima  ...  
Jun Miho  ...  salon owner
Shôta Sometani  ...  Tetsuya
Akitoshi Minami  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: Oh, the expectations. Noriko Eguchi stars as an aromatherapist, Yuriko, who finds herself uncontrollably aroused by the sweaty scent of a seventeen year old boy. Oh, the possibilities. The boy happens to be the niece of the woman who owns the salon where Yuriko works. That's the story and pretty much the whole plot.

The film gives itself away early, letting on that it's going to be safe and good-humored. Oh, the let down. The moment things hint towards any tension, or that things might get sexy or erotic, the soundtrack rears its ugly head and plays goofy and light-hearted. And then the scene cuts away. The technique of cutting a scene before it finishes can be effective in moderation but here it's so overused it seems to reinforce a suspicion that the director doesn't know how to let a scene form its own conclusion. The film is sprinkled with innumerable scenes that have no beginning nor end, just a shallow, usually brief, middle period. Most of them add nothing and could have just been eliminated.

The film's runtime is only 79 minutes and it could have easily been shorter. It doesn't explore anything in any depth and there are a whole lot of scenes of "opening the door slowly, inch by inch" that could have been tightened up to make room for something else except there's nothing here. A couple off camera handjobs and an embarrassingly out of place scene with a topless air-head girl giving Yuriko a massage don't add any adult or erotic content.

I love Noriko Eguchi so I'm going to write off her Quaalude inspired performance as the result of bad direction. It's a gutsy role, in theory anyway, which calls for her to do a lot of aroused sniffing of a young boy's body and licking of his head. She does those parts very well. Few people could. Too bad they are the only interesting moments in the film.


Summary: As an aromatherapist, 30-year-old Yuriko (Noriko Eguchi) uses various scents and her skilled hands to heal people of their fatigue. However, she holds a secret which she can’t reveal to anyone: she can’t help but get sexually excited whenever she smells the sweat of 17-year-old Tetsuya (Shota Sometani). To make matters worse, Tetsuya is the nephew of the aroma salon’s owner (Jun Miho).

Meanwhile, a client named Ayame (JAV star, Saori Hara) claims to want to learn about aromatherapy, but instead uses the lesson as an opportunity to press her large breasts up against Yuriko.

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