2010   USA Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Image Cover
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Director:Edgar Wright
Studio:Universal Pictures
Writer:Michael Bacall, Edgar Wright, Bryan Lee O'Malley
IMDb Rating:7.7 (96,037 votes)
Awards:4 nominations
Genre:Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Duration:112 min
Edgar Wright  ...  (Director)
Michael Bacall, Edgar Wright, Bryan Lee O'Malley  ...  (Writer)
Michael Cera  ...  Scott Pilgrim
Alison Pill  ...  Kim Pine
Mark Webber  ...  Stephen Stills
Johnny Simmons  ...  Young Neil
Ellen Wong  ...  Knives Chau
Kieran Culkin  ...  Wallace Wells
Anna Kendrick  ...  Stacey Pilgrim
Aubrey Plaza  ...  Julie Powers
Mary Elizabeth Winstead  ...  Ramona Flowers
Ben Lewis  ...  Other Scott
Nelson Franklin  ...  Comeau
Kristina Pesic  ...  Sandra
Ingrid Haas  ...  Monique
Marlee Otto  ...  Party Goer
Will Bowes  ...  Party Goer
Nigel Godrich  ...  Composer
Bill Pope  ...  Cinematographer
Comments: A total blast. This film has about a dozen principle players and they are all great. Michael Cera does his Michael Cera thing but since I've only seen him do it once before I'm not sick of it. This is a good film for him. He gets to rock out on bass guitar and do a lot of ninja fighting. It's all way over the top and executed very well. Whoever edited this film deserves an Oscar for it. It's amazing. This is easily the most fun I've had watching a movie all year. But it's not trash fun. It's witty. I was smiling from start to finish and LOL'd many times. Not a weak or bad character in the bunch.

I understand that this film had a hard time defining its target audience. Who cares? It is sort of a middle school level cartoon with subtlety more mature humor. I don't care that many of the video game references are dated and I don't think the film is "I'm so smugly and ironically hip." I wasn't interested in seeing this film until I noticed it showing up on a few year end top tens. Yes, the film's marketing escaped me too. I was immediately hooked. Try it. If you aren't smiling and laughing in the first ten minutes unplug it and move on. It's at Netflix.


Summary: Scott Pilgrim plays in a band which aspires to success. He dates Knives Chau, a high-school girl five years his junior, and he hasn't recovered from being dumped by his former girlfriend, now a success with her own band. When Scott falls for Ramona Flowers, he has trouble breaking up with Knives and tries to romance Ramona. As if juggling two women wasn't enough, Ramona comes with baggage: seven ex-lovers, with each of whom Scott must do battle to the death in order to win Ramona.

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