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 I am no longer updating information on this site because Google has discontinued ftp publishing.

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The comments about films I post on that site are, for the most part, five hundred words in length and generally positive. Most of the negative comments posted there, regarding films rated 1 or 2 stars (on a scale of 1 to 5), are the result of trampled expectations or dashed hopes. They are about films I suspected would be a positive experience based on a number of different inputs, but disappointed. I watch a lot of bad films that I have low or no expectations for and, consequently, if they turn out to be bad film experiences, have no desire to write five hundred words describing them. Most of the comments on sitenoise at the movies are about films from this century. Exceptions do exist, but for the most part if you want to know what I think of an older film you'll have to look elsewhere.

So, with only a little further ado, wherein I provide this link to a brief description of my methods, biases, and ratings philosophy, here is elsewhere:


I'm a very embarrassed by and for this social movie site but I've met some great people there and it has proven to be good for making and sharing lists. It lags behind Facebook as a shining example of big and dumb beyond belief when it comes to user interface.

My Favorite Movies

Guilty Pleasures

The Horror, The Horror

Amazo Chinese Films
Amazo Japanese Films
Amazo Korean Films
Amazo Spanish Films
Amazo USA/Europe/Brazil

Kim Ki-duk
Sono Sion

A list for sleepykiss

Korean Cookie Jar


Life Series:
Life on Earth (1979)
The Living Planet (1984)
BBC Trials of Life (12 part series) (1990)
BBC Life in the Freezer (6 part series) (1993)
The Private Life of Plants (1995)
The Life of Birds (1998)

BBC Life of Mammals (10 part series) (2002)
BBC Life in the Undergrowth (5 part series) (2005)
BBC Life In Cold Blood (5 part series) (2008) BBC Himalaya with Michael Palin (6 Part Series)
BBC Pole to Pole with Michael Palin (8 part series)
BBC Sahara with Michael Palin (4 Part Series)
BBC Full Circle with Michael Palin (10 Part Series)
BBC New Europe with Michael Palin (7 Part Series)
  1. BBC Amazon Abyss
  2. BBC Ancient Rome - Rise and Fall of an Empire (6 part series)
  3. BBC Animal Battlefield - Lion
  4. BBC Around the World in 80 Treasures (10 part series)
  5. BBC Around the World in 80 Gardens (11 Part Series)
  6. BBC Atom (3 part series) (HDTV)
  7. BBC Big Cat Week 2006 (Big Cat Diary) (6 part series)
  8. BBC Big Cat Week 2008
  9. BBC Blood and Flowers - In Search of the Aztecs
  10. BBC Dangerous Knowledge
  11. BBC Deep Blue
  12. BBC Egypt Rediscovering a Lost World (6 part series)
  13. BBC Expedition Borneo
  14. BBC Face of Tutankhamun (4 part series)
  15. BBC Ganges (3 part series)
  16. BBC Great Natural Wonders of the World
  17. BBC Great Wildlife Moments
  18. BBC Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth
  19. BBC Lost Civilisation Of Peru
  20. BBC Parallel Universes
  21. BBC Sky at Night Black Holes and Black Magic
BBC Walking With Beasts (6 Part Series)
BBC Walking with Dinosaurs (6 Part Series)


  1. Discovery Channel - Forbidden City The Great Within
  2. Discovery Channel - Mysteries of Asia (3 part series)
  3. Discovery Channel - Secret Towers Of The Himalayas
  4. Discovery Channel - Swimming Lions
  5. Discovery Channel - Lions of Crocodile River
  1. Discovery Channel - Ultimate Guide - Bears
  2. Discovery Channel - Ultimate Guide - Big Cats
  3. Discovery Channel - Ultimate Guide - Elephants
  4. Discovery Channel - Ultimate Guide - Great Apes
  5. Discovery Channel - Ultimate Guide - Octopus
  6. Discovery Channel - Ultimate Guide - Pyramids
  7. Discovery Channel - Ultimate Guide - Whales


  1. IMAX Africa - The Serengeti
  2. IMAX Amazon
  3. IMAX Australia - Land Beyond Time
  4. IMAX Coral Reef Adventure
  5. IMAX Deep Sea
  6. IMAX Everest
  7. IMAX Great Barrier Reef
  8. IMAX Greatest Places
  9. IMAX India, Kingdom of the Tiger
  10. IMAX Journey into Amazing Caves
  11. IMAX Lost Worlds - Life In The Balance
  12. IMAX The Living Sea
  13. IMAX Magnificent Desolation
  14. IMAX Mystery of the Maya
  15. IMAX Mystery of the Nile
  16. IMAX Ocean Oasis
  17. IMAX Tropical Rainforest


  1. NGC Eternal Enemies Lions and Hyenas
  2. NGC Hunter Hunted: The Silent Stalker
  3. NGC Jewels of the Caribbean Sea
  4. NGC Lions of Darkness
  5. NGC Lost Kingdoms of the Maya
  6. NGC Planet Carnivore (Lions and Hyenas)
  7. NGC Predators at War
  8. NGC Pyramids of Death
  9. NGC Relentless Enemies (Lions vs Buffalo)
  10. NGC Renegade Lions
  11. NGC Shark
  12. NGC Snake Killers - Honey Badgers of the Kalahari
  13. NGC Super Pride
  14. NGC Tigers of the Snow
  15. NGC Vampire from the Abyss
  16. NGC Walking With Lions


  1. PBS China From The Inside
  2. PBS Independent Lens - China Blue
  3. PBS Nova - Kings of Camouflage
  1. PBS Nature - Chasing Big Cats
  2. PBS Nature - Kalahari: Great Thirstland + Flooded Desert
  3. PBS Nature - Silent Roar - Searching for the Snow Leopard


  1. Sights and Sounds of Australia-Ocean Colours
  2. Sights and Sounds of Australia-Desert Visions
  3. Sights and Sounds of Australia-Rainforest

Mindbending Science Collection:

  1. Baraka
  2. Chronos
  3. Koyaanisqatsi
  4. Naqoyqatsi
  5. Powaqqatsi

  • History Channel Special - Hippies
  • History Channel Declassified: Tiananmen Square